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Internet isn't working

Hi,i am using ho mobile for nearly 2-3 months,i recharged my internet packet today.But it is not working.I do not know why and what can i do now?Also, i changed my phone into new Iphone model.I need support for resolving this problem as i need internet urgently.Thanks
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Capo ho.fficina
Capo ho.fficina

Hi @Vezirov, you need to configure your new IPhone. Here are the indications:
To enter the APN go to Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Network.
Fill in the "APN mobile data" field with the address "" and the "APN Personal Hotspot" field with the address ""
Make sure that no other characters appear in the APN fields (Ex: http: \\ or spaces) and that the Internet is written with a capital 'I'.

Ignore the parameters for the MMS configuration, the service is not available on the Ho network.

In addition, we advise you not to copy and paste the text message but to proceed manually, the phone copies the APN address incorrectly. Reboot the device.

We remain available. Good evening.

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